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Ada Zhang

Telling moving stories of ordinary people and families through photography

Ada holds a PhD in Computer Science at the National University of Singapore (NUS). She is also the founder of A.D.A Productions(a.k.a Ai. Dream. Arts). Ada excels in telling moving stories of ordinary people and families through photography and by gathering their memories of past events through interviews. These narratives are then published as artworks, books and photography exhibitions to inspire the expression of love and the power of aspirations. A.D.A. Productions is made up of a team of passionate, talented, inspired and strong-willed individuals who publish charity art albums in Singapore and Taiwan surrounding the themes of dreams and exploration.


  • 2015: Published in Singapore, SG50 Love and Dreams photography book and exhibition tells the stories of 50 ordinary Singaporeans across different age groups and their pursuit of dreams through the lenses of Ada and her team. Their stories, which span over a century, painted a vibrant Singapore in its 50 years of independence.


  • 2017: Love, Yet Met photography exhibition demonstrates the beauty of motherhood and life through stunning maternity portraits of more than 50 pregnant mothers which convey their boundless, inherent love for the unborn.


  • 2018: 42.195& Beyond  follows the courageous strides of runners across seven continents at world-famous extreme marathons, such as 777 World Marathon Challenge and Mount Everest Marathon. After the photography book was published in Singapore, shey organized Extreme and Dreams exhibition and a series of other events that aims to motivate individuals to challenge their limits and unleash their power from within.


  • 2019: Published in Taiwan, 1045 Run Taiwan Just Now photography book covered the largest round-the-island ultramarathon in Taiwanese history with the greatest number of participants racing over the longest duration.


  • 2019: Syncretism mircrofilm entry attained Bronze award in “My Singapore Style: Micro-film Competition”, a contest organized by Singapore Chinese Culture Centre and Lianhe Zaobao.

  • 2019/2020: Relay Majulah is the largest and longest relay run held in Singapore. 200 runners challenged themselves to clock 2,000 kilometers collectively over 200 hours to commemorate the Singapore Bicentennial. The athletics event was held in 2019 and helped raise S$1.6mil in support of the President’s Challenge. The photography book with the same title Relay Majulah was later published locally in 2020.


In recent years, Ada and her team has been collaborating with Family Offices in cultural heritage projects where they compile, document and copyedit historical texts of selected Chinese families. They have since curated and published A Century in Li Residence, capturing the Li’s patriotic sentiments of 160 years and the challenges every generation overcame which eventually paved their path to success while passing on the unwavering spirit of the family.

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