Singapore Kindness Movement X Mama On Palette

In partnership with Singapore Kindness Movement, Mama on Palette will be hosting a Chinese New Year Couplets design contest.

Spring festival couplets or 对联 (dui lian) in Chinese, are an important custom in celebrating the lunar new year. They are red-colored strips usually with black or golden Calligraphy Chinese poetry written on them.

We would like to encourage all to share your aspirations for the lunar new year through your creatively designed couplets to help spread the message of kindness.

To participate, create your very own design of a pair of Chinese New Year Couplets 2021. Some words you may consider using are ‘善’, ‘心', as you think about how these couplets can help inspire others to achieve greatness through kindness in the new Ox ‘牛’ year.

The winning couplet design will be printed by the Singapore Kindness Movement and distributed islandwide across various platforms.

Contest ends 13th December 2020; 2359.

Upload your design and information here!

Download the template here:

SKM Couplet Contest_Template
Download PDF • 356KB