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Joyotee Ray Chaudhury

Life goes and so does it lessons. Through art I learn the best

Born to an artist and growing up in an environment conducive to artistic expression, exploration and realisation, I grew up knowing that art is a huge connecting factor. A Singaporean, my expression is an extenuation of foraging for my roots. My parents left their home town to make a livelihood in the land of dreams, Mumbai. There my father crafted his dreams through extravagant movie sets encouraging me to chase my dreams. I lost him to cancer at the age of 18 and swore to be an artist to commemorate him through my work. My artistic journey started with painting and gradually I found myself exploring other mediums. When I picked up the camera in 2011, I found yet another language of expression.

As an artist the irony of society and the societal disconnect that one faces while being an intrinsic part of it, seems even more apparent when dealing with mature adults. My urge to see life as a colourful diary extenuating, from me to my surroundings, leaves me with a need to constantly merge and find new mediums of expression. As a photographer and a painter I have been able to mix the two mediums and create a medium of expression through which I can manage to catch the interest of the classical as well as the new art buyer. Colour and the lack of it becomes a very poignant vehicle for me to speak to my viewer. The zero room for an empty space in my paintings addresses the chaotic mind patterns, which are a gift of the developed modern world.

My art came to its full blossom while I was parenting my infant in US, and extended winter long hours of sleep gave me uninterrupted time with the canvas. While parenting I found that art was very therapeutic for me and I used it as my other meditative channel. When my second child came along art became a way to bond and understand him better. Raising a child with special needs helped me become even more open minded, meticulous and uninhibited in my artistic expression.

I continue to teach art to kids and adults as it’s a great way for me to spread this joy. I am currently working full time and I manage a ballroom and marketing and sales for the same. One of my first ways to give back to the artist community is organizing an Arts and Crafts Bazaar. I recently also successfully curated an exhibition for four emerging artists. Life goes and so does it lessons. Through art I learn the best.

Check out Joy's photography on Facebook and her artwork website.

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