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Sarah Lu

I would like to show my boy his mom the way she is, not only as a mommy.

Hi everyone, this is Sarah. I was born in China and have been in Singapore more than 10 years.  I came to Singapore for my master study majored in Architecture from National University of Singapore (NUS). And i registered my own design studio named 10 Miles Studio. Pte. Ltd. in 2019.


Prior to founded my own studio, I used to work in a local architecture Consultants as senior Architect Associate. I spent five years on design especially for academic and community projects, expanding her knowledge in Child psychology and behavior.


During my part time of work, I became a Mural artist based on my painting skills learned since childhood. There are lots of mural art works for street, commercial and office and so on in Singapore that u may passed by amazed with.


However, after giving birth my boy Zimo Max, I was quite struggle between my career and family efforts. during the first two year of my boy born, i was too busy on work and taking care baby, i rarely pick up my painting materials. Until I began to teach my boy how to draw when he is 3+ years old, I realised that Im still keep strong passion on painting art. It should not be a block of giving up my painting dreams to became a mom, but a strong Mission to hold on. I would like to show my boy his mom the way she is, not only as a mommy.

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