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Our Story

Hi mamas, I am Alice, mother to Bobo, who’s 4 years old now and happily growing.

I have never imagined how motherhood will be like. Baby blues, we all know about it. Pees-and-poos, we all felt it (literally!). Sleepless night. Engorgement. Pain of latching. Lost in feeding...Trust me, there were many times that I felt useless. I doubted if I could be a good mom.

Arts saved me from the darkness. I clearly remembered that I was panicking near my EDD. I became obsessed with cleaning house and sorting out goods, ending up crying on the floor and worrying that my ability just reached its maximum. Then, my wise and always supportive husband said, “maybe you should try picking up your brushes again?”

Oh yes. I have been a freelance cartoonist for years. Having been studying drawing since I was in primary school, and contributed to various publications. I once had my own bi-weekly column on Zaobao Comma called “Sing-Animal”, where I turned life of Singapore into a humorous animal world.

Creating things makes me happy. Thinking of a story, making it real on paper, coloring it so it’s full of vitality. I began to feel myself again with the help of arts. Who can tell? I have completed a full picture book of 20 pages one week ahead of my delivery!

I started Mama on Palette in April 2018 with three goals: to share my experience and knowledge in parenting, art and education; to stimulate the appreciation of arts among parents; and to encourage amateur mama artists to showcase and really make use of their talents.

By building this community, I hope to meet other mamas who are certainly more talented than me. Together we could support each other, inspire each other and tell each other loud and sound, “we are the best super mamas in town!”

Welcome to join Mama on Palette!


Our Mission
  • To stimulate lifelong learning and the appreciation of arts among parents

  • To share successful stories of mother artists who live an artistic lifestyle

  • To encourage amateur mother artists to showcase and make use of their talents


Our Vision

Mama on Palette and Art Lover Mamas aims to become the NO.1 Go-To platform for parents to learn, practice, and explore arts!