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Who Are We?

Every mother should be a true artist.

- Frances Ellen Watkins Harper

We are a group of mamas passionate about arts, aesthetics, and mental wellness. We are bonded by the Mama on Palette community where we share inspirations about arts and parenting.

Join us if you are in love with aesthetic things, or keen on sharing or learning some art skills (handcraft, cartoon drawing, watercolor painting). As artists, we are free and easy, and sometimes we go wild. 

Hello, We Are #ArtLoveMamas!

We provide a space via Mama on Palette for all talented mothers in Singapore to showcase their artwork, passion, and pursuit! The friends of Mama on Palette support the idea of Art Lover Mamas and also dedicate their energy to both motherhood and art creation. We work together through events, partnerships, or simply come together due to the arts' common passion. Let's keep the ARTitude on together, mamas!

Maria Larrazabal

Mama of 2. Figurative Illustrator

Udita Awasthi

Mama of 1. Interior Designer

Paroma Ray

Mama of 3. Mixed Media Artist

Priyanka Sharma

Mama of 1. Painter

Sarah Lu

Mama of 1. Mural Artist

Chiei Ishida

Mama of 3. Painter

Amanda Lapus Santos

Mama of 2. Visual Artist

Bingo Min Song

Mama of 1. Painter

Aashika Cunha

Mama of 1. Curator & Designer

Kevy Tan

Mama of 1. Painter

Joyce Lim

Mama of 2. Designer

Datt Xu Changda

Mama of 1. Painter

Joyotee Ray

Mama of 2. Fine Artist

Rebecca Lim

Mama of 3. Painter

Ada Zhang

Mama of 1. Photographer

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