A Peculiar Bond

21 - 23 June, Curbside Crafters

730 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 198698

Mama on Palette is proud to be invited to participate in Curbside Art Week, a 3-day art & crafter roadshow at Curbside Crafters' lifestyle marketplace located in Kampong Glam. The program aims to explore our deep human passion and love for forging relationships within the world through the wonderful perspectives of artists and their craft work. Join us to showcase your talent, mamas!


Terms and Conditions:

  • The event is limited to 7 participants ("vendors") on a first come first serve basis. Depending on the volume and dimensions of the artworks from each vendor, a space will be allocated to the vendor to display their items. Poster Easels, tables and chairs will be provided. Quantity of the poster easels, tables and chairs will only be confirmed after further discussion with interested vendors. 

  • The vendor is required to pay an exhibition sale fee of $40 for the event to Curbside Crafters as well as a $10 to Mama on Palette. Payment details will be shared separately.Participation will only be confirmed upon payment. As all payments made are non-refundable, should there be any cancellation or withdrawal after the payment is made, the Vendor shall still be liable for the full rental term. 

  • For the sale of any merchandise, vendors will have to put up their own payment QR code at his/her allocated space and tag every piece of artwork with a price. Any merchandise/items without the above aid information will not be sold. Curbside Crafters will only facilitate by guiding customers to scan and pay to the vendor via the vendor’s payment QR code.

  • Curbside Crafters and Mama on Palette are not responsible for any loss due to fire, breakage, theft or any unforeseen cause.

  • Each vendor is responsible for the delivery and pick up of the consignment merchandise. Should the vendor fail to pick up the merchandise on the last day of the consignment period, Curbside Crafters reserves the right to dispose of the merchandise (and charge any incurred costs to the vendor) or charge additional days of booth rental at the listed rental rates.

  • Each vendor is required to warrant that these works are free from any encumbrances and are legal for sale in Singapore.

  • Curbside Crafters reserves the right to accept or decline any merchandise and exhibition items for any reasons.