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A Big Step: SITE.MA

To celebrate and amplify the voices of mother artist around Singapore. "Singapore in the Eyes of Mother Artists (SITE.MA)", a community project showcasing the diverse perspectives and experiences of mothers who navigate the intersection of art and motherhood.

Through captivating artwork and heartfelt stories, "SITE.MA" invites you to explore and discover the beauty that emerges when art and motherhood intertwine.

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Themes of SITE.MA

To explore the specific combination of motherhood and art, ‘Singapore in the Eyes of Mother Artists (SITE.MA)’ covers a series of 9 themes as the mother artists reflect their lives as mothers in Singapore.

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Sneak peek into SITE.MA!

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Within the vibrant tapestry of Singapore, the diverse group of Mother Artists featured in this book represents a range of artistic styles, mediums, and experiences. These are the mothers featured in "Singapore in the Eyes of Mother Artists (SITE.MA)".

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Our Artists

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Place an Order Now

Order a copy of SITE.MA at $39.90 per copy.

After placing an order, you can either

(1) Collect Your Book

At Mama on Palette Community Space

YMCA of Singapore, Level 2, Room 9

254 Outram Road, S(169051)

Collection is only available on Tuesdays to Thursdays, 9.30am to 5.30pm in June and July 2024. 

(2) Choose the Mailing Option

For just $2.50 flat fee, we can mail up to 3 books to you, anywhere in Singapore. For mailing of more than 3 books, we will contact you after receiving your order, to share the actual mailing charges. 

The Judges

Mae Anderson, Managing Director, Head of Philanthropy Services, Asia; Chair Of The Board O

Ms Mae Anderson

Managing Director, Head of Philanthropy Services, Asia;
Chair Of The Board Of Directors, Art Outreach Singapore

"As we look ahead, let’s not only aspire to see more thriving art careers and greater appreciation for art but also celebrate successful artists who passionately nurture the next generation of creators, shaping a better world for all."

Mr Zak Lo

CEO, FIRST SIGHT Group; Founder, LivingwithArt Singapore

"Art is a powerful tool for promoting emotional well-being, creativity, and cognitive development — not only for the practitioner, but for their family as well… I am glad Mama on Palette has taken a leading role to bring about this positive change!

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Fang Jiayun, Head of Corporate Sustainability, UOB Group.png

Ms Fang Jiayun

Head of Corporate Sustainability, UOB Group

"I aspire to see a future for art where it will continue to be more open and inclusive, branch into new forms (preferably sustainable) and express not only aesthetic appeal but also meaningful purpose. In particular for artist-mothers, their artistic expressions have the potential to be powerful narratives and further amplify the voices of other mothers.

Ms Haslinda Putri Harun

Honorary Secretary, Harun Ghani Education Fund

"There are so many grand moving parts to becoming a mother.  Mothers, like great artists, are always learning and forever adapting as everything is waiting to be beautiful in this world and next!


Alicia Altorfer-Ong, Ph.D.

Deputy General Manager, Ray of Hope

"My hope is for society to not only hold the space for artists as a nice to have, but to understand that these nurturing spaces (both proverbial and physical) are essential to our collective identity, psychological fitness and legacy of strength for future generations.

Ms Yoko Choi

Programme Manager (Creative Arts Therapy), The Red Pencil (Singapore)

"I hope for mothers to grasp every opportunity they have to create with their hands with their children. These moments of pure joy, creativity and novelty will be embedded deeply in the hearts of the mother and child, and turn into that safe haven for their future."

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About Mama On Palette

Mama on Palette is Singapore’s first community for mothers who love arts. It was founded by Alice in 2018 after she became a new mother. Through her pregnancy experience, she discovered art as a tool to help her walk out of baby blues.

Recognizing the healing power of art and with the hope to raise awareness towards mothers’ mental wellness, Alice started building Mama on Palette to gather mothers who love art.

It provides all types of support to mothers who are passionate about arts, such as inspiring articles, artist features, art exhibitions, sharing sessions and workshops. 

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Your generous donation will help us in the production of this unique book and ensure it reaches a wider audience.


Together, we can celebrate the incredible talent and resilience of mothers, enriching the artistic landscape and inspiring future generations.

Love Us?

Your support means a lot!

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