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A Big Step: SITE.MA

To celebrate and amplify the voices of mother artist around Singapore. "Singapore in the Eyes of Mother Artists (SITE.MA)", a community project showcasing the diverse perspectives and experiences of mothers who navigate the intersection of art and motherhood.

Through captivating artwork and heartfelt stories, "SITE.MA" invites you to explore and discover the beauty that emerges when art and motherhood intertwine.


Themes of SITE.MA

To explore the specific combination of motherhood and art, ‘Singapore in the Eyes of Mother Artists (SITE.MA)’ covers a series of 9 themes as the mother artists reflect their lives as mothers in Singapore.

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Sneak peek into SITE.MA!

Hear what others say

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Within the vibrant tapestry of Singapore, the diverse group of Mother Artists featured in this book represents a range of artistic styles, mediums, and experiences. These are the mothers featured in "Singapore in the Eyes of Mother Artists (SITE.MA)".

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