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Recycle That! 3 Artsy Activities to Do with your Kids this Earth Day

From April 20-22, join the world’s leaders for Earth Day 2021. Together, we can prevent the coming disasters of climate change and environmental destruction.

Together, we can Restore Our Earth™.

To show our support for Earth Day, Mama on Palette has collated a few artsy project ideas for you and your little ones to try out. Show your support too by going the extra mile to do good for the environment.

Happy Earth Day!


1. Cereal Box Laptop

A great arts and crafts project for those tech-savvy little ones. Has your kid has been hammering you for a new phone or laptop recently? If so, get them to create their very own devices.

Walk them through how to make their own (fake) laptops using cereal boxes and simple art materials. Use this activity to teach them to value of owning expensive items and cherishing what they have.

Tutorial by ‘No Time for Flash Cards’ down below!

2. Classic Egg Carton Caterpillars

One thing most kids do not love is insects. But not all of them are harmful and scary.

Try teaching them the beauty behind one particular species of insect – Caterpillars! These tiny creatures turn into butterflies once they grow up and make the world a much beautiful place.

Use this artsy activity to walk your child through the looks and the famous story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar”.

Tutorial by ‘No Time for Flash Cards’ down below!

3. Crayon Candle

This activity is more for you Art Mamas! Run around the house and gather up all the unwanted crayons that your little ones no longer use.

Melt them and turn unwanted into a beautiful rainbow candle for yourself.

Tutorial by ‘No Time for Flash Cards’ down below!



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