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Léonore Becker - The Art of Being A Mom

Meet Léonore Becker, a passionate mom of 2, with a strong belief in the power of networking and connecting with other mums. Enormously enthusiastic about all things art-related, she even named her son after her passion. What else but … Art(hur)! Read on to find out how she manages her life as a super mom!

No, becoming a parent isn't only about sleep training and dirty nappies. There is so much more to it.

As a mum, my life, schedule, and priorities have drastically changed... and I've learned so much about myself and my schedule. Recently back at work after a busy maternity break, I came to realize what I have learned from these last months at home, locked-down with a new-born and a 2 years old energetic toddler, during the COVID-19 pandemic in Singapore.

1. Mums Are Experts in Time Management

Time is such a luxury when you are a new mama.

Our whole family life is shaped by routines and deadlines; it’s the only way to get things done, as well as providing security to our kids. I’ve never been planning so much, even in my corporate life!

When you have less than an hour of me-time per day (holy nap time) you make the most of it. I spend all day scheduling this sacred moment, thinking about how I can make it profitable.

Likewise, my time at work is now carefully orchestrated. I got no time to lose anymore. Prioritizing became my expertise and I became a master in making every single second productive.

Flexibility and adaptability are some of the priceless resources all mums have.

2. Mums Are Skilled Negotiators

Taming an energetic toddler who just learned how to answer back, improved my negotiation skills. I'm not afraid of any resistant client anymore! Likewise, it's all about listening and being patient.

Having the responsibility of two dependant human beings at home gave me more self-confidence. And this is such a valuable resource for any job.

3. Mums Are Creative Geniuses

Keeping a 2-year-old busy at home for 3 months (during the pandemic) got me into full creative mode! Did you realize that a day is made of 10 awake hours for a kid? That equates to 10 hours of games and activities for us, parents, to organize.

I even took up an arty challenge on Instagram, recreating an artwork at home with my daughter, and it's not that easy as it seems, believe me.

Being lockdown with my toddler really encouraged my “inventiveness”. I had to explore all the different tools I could find in the kitchen - from food coloring to baking soda – in order to create new activities and hobbies for the little ones. Who would have guessed that one can paint with car toys?

This taught me where to look for useful resources. I re-discovered the power of Pinterest and Instagram, as well as the purpose of hashtags #keepthekidsbusy. Keywords have no secret for me anymore.

4. Mums Are Amazing Networkers

When you have faced the same unspoken experiences (the joys of pregnancy, the trauma of birth, the sleepless nights, the journey of breastfeeding…) you suddenly somehow connect with all the other mums in the world. No matter where you are from.

And this gave me a new superpower, the power of networking. Through school, activities, clubs, I have met so many other mums who are just like me.

I came across a whole bunch of smart parents at my son’s school last year. We are always happy to share, help, and support each other. It is very valuable to have a strong network of support!


Special thanks to Léonore Becker for this amazing article, find out more about her here!

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