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I am a Mother!

Mama on Palette x The Red Pencils (Singapore) Art Exhibition 2023

What makes a mother? What does the title of “mother” denote? How is it defined? What meaning does it give? What form does it take? What pain, suffering, joy, dreams, hopes, worries, dirtiness, beauty, glory, pride, shame… and more does it take to be a mother?


In partnership with The Red Pencils (Singapore), proudly supported by Design Orchard Retail Showcase and Singapore Fashion Council, we bring to you another year of “Mother·Art·Healing” Mothers’ Day art exhibition with the title “I am a mother!”. We invite mother artists based in Singapore to submit their version of ‘self-portrait’ of being a mother. Simply - you. 


Selected artworks will be displayed in a month-long art exhibition at Design Orchard Retail Showcase from 11 May to 15 June, 2023, and the artists stand the chance to be part of an exclusive interview series “Real People, Real Fashion” by Singapore Fashion Council. 

Please read below carefully for open call details. 


  • Restrengthening the sense of identity as a mother 

  • Empowering mothers to express the vicissitudes of their motherhood journeys

  • Raise kindness towards mothers as a society

Target audience:

  • Singapore based artists who are mothers or considered as a mothering figure

  • Age above 18


Design Orchard, 250 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238905

Location A) Shop in Shop 

Location B) VIP lounge

Exhibition timeline:

  1. Open call starts: 1 March 2023

  2. Submission deadline: 8 March 2023, 11:59pm

  3. Announcement of results: by end of March

  4. Installation date(s): 

    1. Shop in Shop: 11 May, 7-10am (Exhibition period: 11 May - 15 June)

    2. VIP lounge: 1 June, 7-10am (Exhibition period: 1-15 June)

  5. Deinstallation date(s): 16 June, 7-10am

Submission requirement:

Each participant is required to email all the following items (in one zipped file) at the time of application to before deadline. Any late submission will not be accepted


Part 1) Write-ups / descriptions of artworks 

Submit the following items in PDF / DOC format. The files  should be properly labeled as “Artwork description_(Artist Name)”, “Artist bio_(Artist Name)”, “Profile pic_(Artist Name)”, “Reflection_(Artist Name)”

  1. An artwork description (<150 words) describing the creative responses to the exhibition theme and synopsis

  2. An artist bio (<100 words) describing the artistic experience and approach

  3. (Optional) A reflective response, in writing (<300 words) or video recording (<1min.) of the thoughts / emotions about the exhibition theme and synopsis, which can be description of the journey of mothering experience and how art helps to heal and cope with the mother’s role / identity, etc.  


Part 2) Artist profile picture

Submit a high-resolution artist profile picture, in PDF / JPEG format and not more than 3Mb. Only one image is allowed. It can be a portrait photo or photo of yourself in action / creative process, or a symbolic element


Part 3) Artworks 

Submit your artworks in a hi-res digital copy (JPEG or PDF, not more than 5Mb) on the date of submission. The file should clearly and accurately show the authentic artworks

If your artworks are shortlisted, you will be requested to send your physical artworks to the exhibition venue on the installation date. Any deviation of the physical artworks from the approved digital version will not be accepted and only the approved version can be showcased. Not additional or other artworks will be accepted into the exhibition


General Requirements: 

  • At the time of submission, you are required to submit an artwork title: You can submit an artwork title or indicated ‘untitled’ for your artworks. E.g. ‘Self-portrait as a mother’

  • Framing: Participants are required to frame their work properly for protection and public viewing. All paperwork must be properly framed. All frames should come with a hook or installation details that can be readily hung up on a wall

  • Choice of medium / material: unlimited 

  • Number of artworks: Each participant can submit 1 artwork for selection 

  • We only accept artworks that were relevant to the exhibition theme, which can be new works or created in the last 2 years and/or were not showcased or published in other exhibitions, competitions, art fairs, or similar shows


Specific requirements: 

For artworks selected to be displayed at Location A (Shop-in-shop) 

  • Physical artworks including 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional works are accepted

  • Format / Dimensions: For 2D works, any one dimension cannot exceed 60cm (inclusive of frame) with a weight less than 2kg. For 3D works, overall dimensions cannot exceed 50cmx50cmx50cm with a weight less than 5kg

For artworks selected to be displayed at Location A (Fashion corner) 

  • Only 2-dimensional works are accepted

  • Format / Dimensions: Any one dimension cannot exceed 60cm (inclusive of frame) with a weight less than 2kg


Note: All requirements should be strictly adhered to. Submitted artworks that do not comply with any of the requirements will not be considered

Entry fee:

SGD$20. Please paylah!/paynow to Alice (98299589) and indicate artist's full name for your transaction

The fee is non-refundable regardless if the artworks are not selected

Judging criteria:

  • Artwork to be relevant and coherent with the theme and synopsis 

  • Artwork should not portray / associate with any inappropriate contents / concepts / ideas that are discriminatory, judgmental or offensive

  • Artists herself must be able to commit to both setup and teardown dates and time 

  • Artwork selected by the panel is considered final. No further discussion will be entertained

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