Amanda Lapus Santos

These days, as a full-time mother, I find myself turning more inward and reflective—I take a bit more time to ask first, what is my message, what does this say about my journey?

My son, Aiden, now almost 2, transformed me the moment we heard his little heartbeat. I had always labeled myself as sort of an impulsive extrovert, feeding off the energy of friends and meeting like-minded people. But these days, as I take on daily tasks and routines as a full-time mother, I find myself turning more inward and reflective, as both a person and an artist. It’s no longer simply about bursts of colour and strokes that express bottled-up emotions. I take a bit more time now to think, what is my message, what would it mean to the new owner that welcomes this piece into their home? What does this say about my journey?


Also, my son has taught me that time is precious— As I am only able to paint the moment he naps or finally goes down for a good night’s sleep. Before Aiden though, I managed to finish a certificate course in Visual Arts in LASALLE College of the Arts. I graduated with honours and a bachelor’s degree in Comm Arts from Ateneo de Manila University back in ‘06, did semi-corporate work until deciding in 2012 to become a full-time artist. Now I work on painting commissions from home; help out with a muralist group, Mural Lingo; exhibit annually with DiLegno Gallery in Katong; and am part of the artist collective called Uncanned Art.


It’s a crazy juggling act to be wife, mother, and artist all in one. But I would love to share what I’ve learned so far with this community, and in turn, learn from other Art Lover Mamas here. And I thank Alice for letting me be a part of it.

Find more of Amanda's artworks here.


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