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6 Signs that You are a Natural Born Artist

Since I have started this idea of gathering mamas who are art lovers (if you haven’t heard about it, check out:, I have heard these so many times, “it’s just a personal hobby and I totally don’t deserve the title of an artist.”“Yes I love sketching but I don’t think I am qualified”.

Humbleness is cute. But really, what defines an “artist”?

Take a look at a list of artists whose work was rejected. It’s very easy to recognise some familiar names. We are just fortunate to have them not giving up, or thinking that they are not “artist” enough to continue with their career.

And we have Grandma Moses, who has been a housekeeper for 15 years and started painting in earnest at the age of 78. Having had to set her childhood dream aside due to work, she took the courage to re-pick up her brush after so many years. Now her paintings are displayed in many museums. One of her works, The Sugaring Off was sold for 1.2 million US dollars in 2006.

I am not here to speak about how to become famous. If my little tiny words can be noticed by someone, then I wish they can inspire the discovery of his/her hidden talents. Find out if you have a hidden artist in you from the following 6 signs:

Sign 1: You Love Beautiful Things

There’s no specific scale to access beauty. As long as you have the eyes to identify them, you are ready for a colorful life!

Sign 2: You Have a Hobby

Question - how is a hobby like gymnastics or cycling related to arts creation? From my point of view, owning a hobby is owning a passion about life. We don’t usually call playing smartphones or lying on bed a hobby (no bias about that), right? It doesn’t matter if you are riding on wheels, or you are flying a helicopter, you enjoy thoroughly about creating new moments of your life. That’s the start point of being an artist.

Sign 3: You Like to Make Good Use of Old Materials

To be honest, I myself am not good at being innovative about recycling. Nevertheless, I do know several friends who can turn old light bulbs into miniatures, or worn clothes into tote bags. I am always fascinated about how creative they are. If this happens to be you, congratulations, you are already a lifestyle artist.

Sign 4: You Appreciate Arts

Nothing is more important than the basic artistic sense. Some education programs are dedicated to train arts appreciation from baby ages. Personally, I think one will get the most by really getting closer to arts. Walk into some free arts exhibitions, talk to a tour guide, or read some designing tips. All these small things will strengthen your ability of appreciating arts day by day.

Sign 5: You Like to Daydream

Did you know? Many great artworks were inspired by daydreams. You may disclose your hidden power when you hallucinate. Let your mind fly, release your imagination, and that’s where creativity plays.

Sign 6: (Specifically for Mamas) You Can Laugh At the Scene Your L.O. Made

As a Work-From-Home-Mom, I have a second job to clean up my baby’s playground, usually splattered with food residues, unidentified liquid, toys and more. My artist personality does great help to turn furiousness into happiness. It’s not a mess but a masterpiece, always telling myself. As a matter of fact, there is something interesting about how the little one creates his scene.

Beauty is everywhere. It is not that she is lacking to our eye, but our eyes which fail to perceive her.

Have you found your hidden art talent? If yes, please do not hesitate to join our Art Lover Mamas community - a free and creative space for mamas who are enthusiastic about arts, aesthetic stuff and education!

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