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Kevy Tan - Behind the Life of an Art Mumpreneur

An engineer turned work-from-home mom, Kevy founded Hommeet Singapore in August 2017 when she hosted her very first play date in her Pasir Ris home in search of a playmate for her 1-year-2-month old son to learn through play. As an art lover, you can find art incorporated in all her play dates. She has also been appointed as the Sensory play date organiser for the National Museum of Singapore. In this article, Kevy shares her experience as a power mumpreneur.


1. The Most Challenging Part of Being a Mumpreneur is When Her Son Falls Ill

My son can be very clingy when he falls sicks. I need to take care of him and make sure that I have the time to prepare and run my play date as scheduled.

During my last play date at the National Museum of Singapore, my son was admitted to the hospital for a few days and was only discharged two days before the play date. I had to work overnight to prepare the set up. Fortunately, I had very strong support from my community members who offered their hands in helping me to prepare the materials and set up to ensure that we could run a successful event on the day.

2. The Best Part of Being a Mumpreneur is the Ability to Teach Children in a Fun and Creative Way Through Art

When I founded the Hommeet community, my mission was to provide children with a happy, caring and friendly environment to play, learn and grow in every neighbourhood of Singapore. I believe that it is very important to teach children in a fun and creative way, especially through art, which infuses creativity and interest into a child’s learning process. I love helping my own child learn and experience new things using the same approach.

Young children are so full of enthusiasm about anything and everything, and I love the look of excitement on their faces when they discover something new. I hope to invite more families to join in my journey of sharing this passion with other parents and children.

3. Being a Mumpreneur Requires Trust

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.”

Steve Jobs makes the point to trust that you know where you are going and that only after you are there, can you then connect the dots.

How have those dots gotten me to where I am today? How does being a mum and the role of a mother connect me to another dot? I started to develop my passion of running activities for kids while I was playing with my son, my first child. Since then, I started to organise play dates in my home and invited other parents and their kids to join my son in learning and playing together. Henceforth, I founded Hommeet Singapore. This dot is not only a dot to connect me to another passion, but also to connect my family to hundreds of families in Singapore and more to come. By organising art play dates, it also gives me more opportunities to do arts and crafts which was one of my favourite childhood pastimes.

4. Her 2021 Mumpreneur Goal is to Make Learning Accessible and Fun to Families in Singapore

This year, I aim to make learning more accessible and fun to every family in Singapore by bringing enrichment to your home or neighbourhood at an affordable price at your flexibility and convenience through our new launch of Home Enrichment Class.

Special thanks to Kevy for her inspiring story as a mumpreneur, find out more about her here!

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