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Candice Phang - Happiness is My Biggest Source of Motivation to Art

Hello! I’m Candice and I go by the artist moniker, Puffingmuffin. I’m an artist and illustrator based in Singapore.

I draw, drink plenty of coffee, and smother my baby boy and cats with too much love. Drawing inspiration from the unusual quirks of life, my work features a fun mix of traditional and digital medium that are fronted by playful characters in bright colours. Through my tongue-in-cheek illustration, I hope to take life more seriously in a less serious way.

Happiness is my biggest source of motivation

As much as possible, I think we should do the things that make us happy.

I’ve always loved art since I was little, so it comes very naturally to me without thinking too much about why I love it. I guess it’s mostly because I enjoy it and it makes me happy. I get to live in my world and create my own happy place.

As a working mother, having the time to do art now is a privilege and the time I got for it is very precious. I’m glad I can do what I love for a living so even though I’m illustrating for a client’s brief, it’s still “art” in a way.

Being able to exercise my creativity definitely helps me to unwind and “recharge” if that makes sense. Being able to work on my personal project also keeps me grounded and is good for my mental health.

Motherhood journey isn't easy, but I'm proud that I thrived

I think different phases of parenthood have a different set of challenges, but the most challenging part was probably the first few months after Kayden was born.

We are first-time parents so it’s a steep learning curve and we had to deal with all the changes with the new addition to our family.

Going through the whole process of pregnancy, giving birth, postpartum and breastfeeding is my proudest accomplishment! It’s a hardship that only mothers can truly understand.

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