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Alka Chandiramani - Navigating the World and Diving Into New Inspirations

Alka Chandiramani was born and raised in Hong Kong. She has two sons – one pursuing his passion as a year 2 student in university, and the other, a successful adult making his dreams come true in the working world. As a mother of two boys, she has always been interested in the arts and did not let motherhood hold her back from it.

Having painted her first picture 30 years ago when she was in India while on vacation, she never forgot what an experience it was for her. However, in the last year, she started to get more inspiration and creativity through the exuberance of colours on canvas.

As an empty-nester, her two sons have always encouraged her to engage in all her passions from yesteryears. Apart from running her own business over the last 10 years, this marks the start of new creations from nature’s inspirations.

Read on to find out more about Alka.

1. She Spends Hours and Hours of Her Time on Art

I’ve always loved sketching as a child. Back in our days, we didn’t have many toys and gadgets to play with. Hence, colour pencils were always a delight to have for us.

I also love interior designing and writing. Art is another form of creativity where I can get completely immersed in the creative process of bringing colours to life.

Ever since I’ve rekindled my passion for the arts, I’ve been so encouraged by my family & friends to continue. One of the inspirations I have right now would be to have an art exhibition where the proceeds raised would go to the Children’s Cancer Foundation.

2. Art is Her Therapy

I often find myself so submerged into my artwork that I can forget the essence of time & space. It’s been such an amazing journey to start after so many years as I had thought that I’d forgotten the skills.

However, as soon as I started on my first painting, which I gifted my Aunt & Uncle for their 50th Anniversary over a year ago, I haven’t stopped painting ever since.

Art is a way for me to relax, find peace and focus on myself and my thoughts.

3. She Learnt How to Parent Through A lot of Trials and Errors

I decided to stop working full-time when I had my older son 24 years ago and was able to continue part-time with the same organization in Hong Kong.

Raising two boys was quite a feat, especially when both their communication styles were completely different from each other. I truly enjoyed every moment of my time being with them both and watching them grow into the fine young men they are today. Time passes by so quickly when they are young, and every day, I hope that they won’t grow up so fast.

Now, I look at them and say, ‘Wow, where has all the time gone?’ There is no guidebook on how to parent, we all learn from trial and error. The tribulations of life teach us so much about our own self and our tenacity as a parent.

For all the young parents reading this, enjoy every moment you have with your little ones. Believe me, the experience is in the journey itself, not the destination.

4. She Has Opened Many Doors on Her Own

My mother used to say to me, ‘If you don’t ask, the answer is always no.’ Don’t shut yourself out of an opportunity just because it seems difficult. Keep trying because there will always be another door, waiting to be opened. We just need to find it and push beyond our comfort zone.

I’ve been doing that for as long as I can remember, and I am very proud of the many moments of having the strength to push open the invisible doors that I have met with.

5. Her Biggest Support and Inspiration is Her Mother

'I alone cannot change the world but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples,' Mother Teresa.

I am strong because I was raised by a strong woman who experienced life during World War II. My mother traveled from Kolkata, India, during the riots, to her grandmother’s home in order to continue her studies in Hyderabad, Pakistan. After the partition in 1947, she had to flee and pursue her further education in a convent school run by Irish Nuns in Kolkata. These were the stories she so profoundly recalls until now - at 84!

In those days, it was taboo for women to be working or pursuing their career aspirations. She stayed home learning how to become a "good housewife", setting aside her pursuit of study to be a criminal lawyer. The tenacity, perseverance, and endurance of all the women who stand before us, despite the many challenges they faced personally and professionally, relentlessly striving for a better world for the next generation of women!

Being such a rebellious child, I really wanted to pursue my further education despite my father saying to me, ‘Who is going to marry you?’ in those days. I strived towards my dreams with the support of my family, especially my Mother.

My tribute goes to all the amazing women I've met over the years, each having pivoted the way.


A big, heartfelt thanks to Art Lover Mama Alka for her beautiful story, find out more about her here! Or check out her blog page here, which is filled with many inspirational stories as well.

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