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Mama on Palette x Peace of Art Eco Art Exhibition @ The Centrepoint - Where Art Meets Sustainability (March 18 - April 14)

In an unprecedented fusion of art and environmental advocacy, the Eco Art Exhibition, presented by Mama on Palette and Peace of Art and supported by The Centrepoint, proudly opens its doors from March 18 to April 14 at the Atrium of the mall. This landmark event not only showcases the transformative power of art but also ignites a vital conversation on sustainability and conservation through the lenses of renowned artists from both communities.

Artworks on Display: A Testament to Eco-consciousness

Agatha ‘Agy’ Lee – A textile artist with a profound respect for the natural world, Agy’s contributions include several thought-provoking pieces. "Relics" (2023), with its embroidered remnant organza crafted into coral specimens, confronts viewers with a future where coral reefs might only be seen as historical artefacts. "Bowls of Fragility" (2021) explores our destructive relationship with coral reefs, highlighting the urgency of changing our consumption habits. "Abundant Bloom" (2022) offers a glimmer of hope with its representation of climate-resilient corals, while "Fragile Beauty" (2023) depicts the vulnerability of coral reefs under anthropogenic pressures, emphasizing the need for immediate action to preserve these precious ecosystems.

Biek Speijk – Champion of the slow fashion movement, Biek's textile paintings weave personal stories with themes of sustainability. From "Jut," which celebrates the lasting value of custom-tailored shirts, to "Chino," highlighting the joy of mindful consumerism. "Bianca" (2007-2023) traces Biek's journey from fashion designer to motherhood, symbolizing the passage of time through antique children's clothing. "G Star Raw'' reflects on a significant career milestone with a sustainable denim line, emphasizing collaboration in achieving fashion sustainability.

Integrating Art and Advocacy: Peace of Art’s Impactful Works

Showcased alongside Mama on Palette's artists are works by Peace of Art, enriching the exhibition with diverse perspectives on environmentalism.

Peace of Art Founder, Eunice Yeo's "Whispers of the Deep" (2024) is a striking sculpture that marries beauty with a message of conservation, featuring a life-sized bust that reflects the human impact on coral reefs, adorned to spark contemplation on our environmental responsibilities.

Chua Zin Yan presents "Collage No. 22" and "Collage No. 24" (2024), where ordinary objects are transformed into layered collages that question consumerism and promote sustainable living. These pieces invite viewers to find joy and connection in reimagined scraps, highlighting the importance of reevaluating our consumption habits.

A Call to Reflection and Action

The Eco Art Exhibition is more than just an art show; it's a rallying cry for environmental stewardship and sustainable living. Through the evocative works of Agy, Biek, Eunice and Zin Yan, the exhibition invites the public to engage with the pressing environmental issues of our time and to contemplate the impact of human activities on the natural world.

Catch the exhibition at The Centrepoint before 14 April 2024.

Date: 18 March to 14 April, Monday to Sunday

Time: 10am - 10pm

Venue: Level 1, Atrium (18 to 24 March), In front of L1, Adisha Torre and Watsons (25 March to 14 April)

About Mama on Palette

Mama on Palette is Singapore's first community for mothers who love arts. It provides all types of support to mothers who are passionate about arts, such as inspiring articles, artist features, art exhibitions, sharing sessions and workshops. Now with 300 members and growing, Mama on Palette has collaborated with public libraries, NGOs and private institutions for a variety of art exhibitions and workshops featuring mother and women artists in Singapore. It was featured on Channel NewsAsia, The Straits Times, Lianhe Zaobao, Capital 958, Channel 8, and recognised as a leading Ground up Movement (GUM) by Singapore Kindness Movement in 2021. Visit them at:

About Peace of Art

Peace of Art, seeks to meld the Art of Sustainable Living into Singapore's cultural fabric. Advocating for the sustainable future of underprivileged children, Peace of Art's initiatives, like the "Hues of Hope" auction in 2023, have raised and donated $100,000. Collaborating with children from diverse backgrounds, their art transcends societal boundaries, sparking dialogue and promoting empathy. Through innovative techniques like their bio-resin series, Peace of Art transforms ocean waste, wood remnants, and shattered glass into evocative narratives, merging artistic brilliance with environmental consciousness. Every creation embodies a dedication to breaking the poverty cycle for Singapore's underprivileged youth, exemplifying Peace of Art's commitment to driving profound societal transformation through the medium of art. Visit them at:

Join Us

We invite journalists, art lovers, environmental advocates, and the general public to experience the poignant beauty and powerful messages of the Eco Art Exhibition. Together, let's celebrate the intersection of art and environmental consciousness and take a step towards a more sustainable future.

For more information, visit the organizers’ Instagram: 

@mamaonpalette @thecentrepoint_sg



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