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Novelisa Delima - When Art Knots at My Door

Art is a connector to many mother artists we interviewed. Many mentioned how art bridges them with their passion, dream and wild imagination; most importantly, how it helps form a magical bonding with their loved ones.

Mama Novelisa recognises art as a bridge for her and her daughter as well. It facilitates communications when they can’t tell each other about something verbally. Art even becomes a way to solve conflicts - "when I got angry and my daughter didn’t want to talk, she always take a piece of paper and draw.' said by her.

Novelisa picked up a special art practice - macrame - and has now been happily weaving to create beautiful artworks for more than five years. Let's explore her journey to transform from a full time architect into a fibre artist.

Hello, I’m Novelisa, a mom of a 5 year old daughter. I’m Indonesian and I’ve been living in Singapore since 2008. I used to work full time in an architecture company for 6 years, but when I gave birth to my daughter I decided to resign to take care of my newborn.

I picked up macrame art as a hobby when I was living in the UK. When I returned to Singapore, I became more serious and explorative. Macramenian was ‘born’ since then, and now it’s a part of our family daily life.

Art allows me to be myself

Art is a part of my life since I was a little girl. I loved drawing, painting, making something out of nothing, crafting, and so on. Although my dad was a banker, he loved to draw and I had seen it since I was little. He didn’t draw anymore when I grew bigger, but the memory of him bringing home a stack of paper full of his drawings, stuck in my head till now.

Art is an expression of self. You can’t judge art good or bad, because all are subjective. You can be yourself with art, and I love being myself. My girl loves drawing and I never tell her how to draw. It’s her freedom to do it her way.

Art is a bridge for me and my daughter, when we can’t tell each other about something. When I got angry and my daughter didn’t want to talk, she always take a piece of paper and draw.

It’s a great tool to teach children, too. Art can be used to stimulate children’s brain and skills since they were young. We used to do finger painting, ice cube painting, shape sorting when she was younger. Now, we often hang out in mother-daughter time to do weaving together. She actually loves to play along with my ropes and yarns when I’m working with my macrame/weaving piece.

My family is my biggest motivation

My husband and daughter have been my biggest motivation since the beginning, and always will be. It’s so hard to detach my identity from being a wife and a mother. Maybe some people refuse to identify themself with the spouse or the children, but for me, it is who I am and I’m not embarrassed for it.

They are my motivation to do better, as a person and as a creator of artworks, because they are my biggest supporters in each and everything I do.

My proudest moment as an artist was when I sold my first piece of macrame! :D It was a turning point in my life, because at that time I was just a stay at home mom, and I didn’t intend to sell and didn’t expect anyone to buy or appreciate my macrame. I made it because I wanted to, not because I wanted to earn money out of it.

That was a truly happy moment and I was so proud of myself being the first timer seller, since I used to be an employee of a company and never felt the excitement of selling my own artwork.

Here's a quote I live by - “Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.”

Most of my younger life, I believed in my own strength and I acknowledged God only in my difficulties. As I grow older, I learn that whether it’s in good and bad situation, I have to put myself in His hands. It’s never because of my power, or my will, whatever I do it’s always because He allows me and this is His way.

Follow Novelisa on Instagram (@macramenian) to see her beautiful works. Join her and over 1000 mothers in Singapore and around the world to pursue a happier parenting life with art.

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