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Ritika Chowdhary - Art is My Meditation

Doing art since her childhood, mama Ritika enjoys playing with colours on papers and canvas. Creating new things gives her immense joy and satisfaction. To her, art is more than just a hobby, but also her meditation and therapy; a magical potion that keeps her positive and motivated, and let go all the stress.

"I want people to know the benefits of Art therapy. it can reduce stress and have a positive effect on mental health." Let's explore what makes mama Ritika fall in deep love with art.

Hi, I am Ritika. I am born and brought up in India and I am a mother of five years old boy. I love art and I am doing drawing, painting and sketching since my childhood. I have been working full time over 10 yrs. and took almost 1.5yrs job break after the birth of my child.

Back in 2020, I had to work from home and manage family and work together due to circuit breaker. Almost after a year when offices started opening, I started missing my child at my workplace. It was a tough decision but I eventually quit my full-time job.

I wanted to focus on my art skills and took part-time lessons for water colouring with Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. From there, I started drawing and painting again.

Art inspires me to relook at my priorities in life

Art is a very good way to connect with my child. My son doesn’t enjoy drawing but he likes colouring. He likes to use palette knifes with acrylic paints.

During circuit breaker, when he was unable to go to playground or school, art became an engaging activity for him. We just sat together and painted. He is my biggest fan and appreciates my all artwork!

I believe kids has amazing colour sense, so sometimes I take my son’s advice to select colours. He likes going to art shop with me to buy art supplies.

Ritika and her son enjoys painting together

Mother can "have it all"!

After my child’s birth, I wanted to work and to take care of my child too. I wanted both things together. I have always worked ever since I finished my collage. I wanted to support my family financially.

But over the time, I realised with a full-time job I couldn't pay full attention to my child, so I quitted my job. It was really challenging.

I embrace more flexibility when working with art. I can paint when my child is in school or when he is sleeping. Now this way I have a better balance of work and family.

Large canvas painting by Ritika

My first commissioned work was via social media

My proudest accomplishment is when a stranger bought my painting! All of my artwork used to go to my friends, family or in my privet art gallery… my home. Even when I was in London for a year, I have participated in three group art exhibitions but never sold a single piece.

I was very happy and proud when a stranger checked on my social media profile where I uploaded my artworks. He contacted me and ask me to make a painting for his wife. He came all the way to my home to collect painting by himself and appreciated my art skills. It was my first commission painting.

Thanks to my family friends who appreciate my art and motivates me. They keep me going.

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