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What a Great Time We Had at Faber Castell Art Festival 2018!

Seven pairs of parents and children joined Mama on Palette’s “Draw Your Own Cartoon” workshop at Faber Castell Art Festival on May 31, 2018. It’s such a pleasure to interact with the future artists and play around with unlimited creativity!

We started by learning some basic face drawing techniques, from eyes, mouth to hair. Do you know that you can actually create tens and more facial expressions by making different combinations out of them?

With the saying that cartoon drawing is great because it’s “fast, cost-effective and full of imagination”, the little artists were given a task to draw something from a random line or pattern on their paper. Guess what they have produced? A dinosaur warrior, a house with eyes, a talkative table and a unicorn! It just reminds me of Christopher Moore’s quote, “children see magic because they look for it.”

They also learnt very fast and have readily applied the drawing techniques to their own creations. We have also drawn together a cartoonised knight, dolphin, penguin and a horse on paper!

Well done, children and parents! We had so much fun and such a great artistic afternoon together. Looking forward to seeing you in the next workshop!

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