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Paroma Ray

Through art she has unraveled a world of possibilities

Paroma Ray, a trained lawyer turned language teacher, a mixed media artist, an avid traveler, an obsessive coffee drinker and a young mom of three kids, started her journey with art at a very young age.


She took a break for several years for personal and professional resume and resumed art by learning from Joyotee Raychaudhury, a Singaporean artist, since 2014.


Paroma, is a profound old soul, a witty observer of society and its pressures. Through art she has unraveled a world of possibilities, letting go of all her inhibitions and she is ever thirsty to expand her understanding of new media and expression.


Paroma made Singapore her home in 2012 and has recently co founded REDUX, a start up on mentoring and workshop design.

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