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Faber-Castell stands for quality


Faber-Castell is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and marketers of quality products for writing, drawing and creative design. In the core area of wood-cased pencils, the group is the most important and oldest manufacturer in the world with a production capacity of more than 2 billion pencils and coloured pencils. World renowned for our Art & Graphic range, this allows Faber-Castell to enjoy a great reputation among artists and hobby painters. High quality artists’ pigments ensure light resistance and thus brilliance and colour intensity for decades. All products are based on the same colour system, enabling reliable mixing techniques of artists’ pencils, whether water-soluble or indelible.

Mama on Palette partners with Faber-Castell for various artistic workshops and events. Together we are missioned to make more arts happen in family lives! Check out our Facebook page for more information.

Bringing science closer to you

The Science Bus

As Singapore’s pioneer mobile science provider, The Science Bus prides itself as an advocate of inquiry-based learning and aims to provide unique experiences in your child's journey in learning Science. The Science Bus Educators are strong advocates of edutainment - learning in a fun way. As children naturally enjoy observing and thinking about nature, exposing science to the young paves a positive attitude when taught in a formal setting.

Mama on Palette partners with The Science Bus to bring about a series of innovative activities and camps that integrate natural exploration, science learning as well as arts creation! Visit Mama on Palette Event page now to find out more event details!

Creating a loving society where people are connected through art

Class Living

Class Living aims to raise awareness about the artistic gifts and talents of people with special needs and the disadvantaged, to create ways for them to grow in confidence and financial independence. It also partner with creative individuals, social enterprises and non-profit organisations to create awareness and opportunities for these special talents and artists.

Class Living acts as the artwork promotion & sales channel for the mummy artists from Mama on Palette. We also collaborate through talks and events to encourage women and build self-confidence. Stay tuned via Mama on Palette Event page or Facebook for our next turn-up!