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Priyanka Sharma

I enjoy art because it generates powerful messages or sentiments

Hi lovely Mommies, this is another artist mommy Priyanka. My journey of parenthood began six years ago. I still remember the day my little beautiful girl was born. I had never felt so many emotions at the same time, the way I felt that mesmerising day. It has been such an overwhelming experience since then. I've loved watching her grow from a happy, playful baby into a very active, outgoing, loving, smart, silly, kind and compassionate little girl. My life is much richer, fuller and meaningful after being a mother. It’s such a beautiful privilege.

Art has always fascinated me since I was a little girl just like my daughter. I would doodle on the back of my notebooks during my breaks in school, participate in every Art competition in school. But over the years I have realized that Art happens to be one of the things that people don't understand the most. It's also one of the things they want to understand the most. I have rarely met anyone who doesn't like art, but I've met legions of people over the years who need help understanding it.

My art career started almost three years ago when I came to Singapore. I used to paint and draw back in my country but didn't know it will become this far since I was a full time working mom. I used to paint every time I got the chance to and would just carry on with my passion. I enjoy art because it generates powerful messages or sentiments. I met some wonderful people over the course of three years. I worked with them, learnt from them by means of doing various Art workshops. Since then, I have been transforming myself from a naïve artist to a more knowledgeable, experienced artist. I would love to share my talent and skills with a community of super talented and artistic mommies. Let’s join hands together and show the world that we are super exceptional and we are going to make a difference.

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