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What is Stopping You from Your Dream?

As mother artists, we often got to be asked, "how is it possible to manage your kids and draw at the same time?" Our answer may bore you - we simply pick up our pencils and brushes when our little ones are taking naps!

The sharing about juggling motherhood and an artist career came from Art Lover Mamas community member, Amanda Lapus, who made a big decision to drop off her corporate work in finance sector to do arts full-timely. Together with Mama on Palette's Founder, Alice and Art Mama Coach, Joyce, we made a blast during the Women of Courage talk in collaboration with Class Living, a social enterprise platform that is dedicated to support disadvantaged groups with art talents.

Catch few moments of Amanda's speech!

Our Founder, Alice, shared about what Mama on Palette is all about. It started with three goals: to stimulate lifelong learning and the appreciation of arts among parents; to share successful stories of mother artists who live an artistic lifestyle; and to encourage amateur mother artists to showcase and make use of their talents.

Down to the ground, the community wants to be a pioneer in Singapore to bond mothers who love arts together. Through our content, events, network and partnership, we aim at providing all types of support to mothers who are passionate about arts and keen on exploring an artistic lifestyle.

We are proud to present our new brand video during the talk. Hope you enjoy watching!

Another speaker, Joyce, who is also an Art Mama Coach and in fact just completed her first art workshop with Mama on Palette in the morning, shared about how important it is to have a supporting network and community. It's always encouraging to meet and talk to like-minded people, and mothers just naturally have lots of common languages.

We have also listened to the sharing from several other inspiring mothers, from a sole breadwinner to a charity worker, and our co-organiser, Lilian's wonderful speech about how to fight against fear and live out one's dream.

"Courage starts with examining our belief systems and stepping out our comfort zones." that's how Amanda reflected about the event. Eventually, we all have to question ourselves, what kind of person you want to be? What kind of model you'd like to make for your kids? The answer comes very simple - just start making actions today, without hesitation!

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