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Every Mother Should Be A True Artist

Every mother should be a true artist. The words came from Frances Ellen Watkins Harper, who was a female activist and poet. She was also the first woman to teach sewing at the independent Union Seminary.

Harper’s statement has inspired me to build the community of Art Lover Mamas, as I always hold the same belief that all mothers naturally own the ability to create arts. This is proved again and again when I get to know more and more mummy artists:

“My life is much richer, fuller and meaningful after being a mother. It’s such a beautiful privilege.” wrote Priyanka Sharma, who is a self-trained artist and a mother to a 2-year-old sweet girl.

I was impressed when I first saw Priyanka’s artworks - a vivid combination of all different art forms, such as watercolor painting, paper crafts, and bottle lamps. More excitingly, she came about all the fantastic ideas herself! I can imagine that Priyanka thinks of a hundred ways to entertain her girl at home, and I am confident that she will bring about the same amount of surprises and joys to all her students and audience. Who doesn’t want a mummy as creative as Priyanka can be?

Do take a look at Priyanka’s upcoming art workshops in June for both adults and children!

I am also honored to know Amanda Lapus Santos, who is a professional visual artist from the LASALLE College of the Arts. According to Amanda, being a full-time mother turns her more inward and reflective. Although she feels the same as the most of us, that “it’s a crazy juggling act to be wife, mother, and artist all in one”, she is always full of positive energy and writes and draws beautifully with her magic pen.

Similar to Joyotee, who owns 18 years of experience of creating and selling fine arts. Joy just started her new full time role with an esteemed restaurant in Singapore, but she never stops her love with arts!

We do have Udita, who is an interior designer and mama of 1. She now spends most of her time on running behind her little boy who just turns 2 this year, but she is eager to dedicate to Mama on Palette project in few months’ time. Paroma has an even interesting profile, she is a lawyer, a mompreneur, a language teacher as well as a mixed media artist. I visited her exhibition Foraged Roots and had such a great time listening to her inspiring story. Keep it on, Paroma!

It’s happy to welcome two wonderful Chinese moms, Datt and Bingo, who don’t speak or write English as their first language. They are just so supportive of Mama on Palette that they paid great efforts on producing their artist profiles. Thank you so much, mamas, let’s MAKE IT HAPPEN hands in hands.

I would also like to take this opportunity to present the “Art Lover Mama Interview Series”, where Mama on Palette will act as the interviewer to get each mama artist’s story well captured. Do please stay tuned via our website, Facebook and Instagram for more new updates!


The #ArtLoverMamas hunting is still on! Join us if you are an enthusiastic art lover as well as a mom. We are happy to feature your artist profile on Mama on Palette website.

Are you:

✅ A mama or mama-to-be? ✅ Love arts and have created some? ✅ Enjoy sharing and communication?

If you answers are "YES" to all my questions, you are welcome to join our #ArtLoverMamas team and get your work featured on Mama on Palette website FREE! ❤️👍

Plus, we are trying our best to find workshop/event opportunities so that you can make full use of your artist skills as an educator.

Our goal, is to encourage every talented mama to REALLY BE AN ARTIST!

Please PM Mama on Palette Facebook or send a message to if you are interested.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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